Design Classics from an Online Interior Decorator

Sometimes a piece of furniture or other home furnishing is so good that it becomes a design classic. These no fail online interior decorator selected, go to elements, give a home a classic touch and work with a wide range of design styles.

Here are 18 timeless designer picks that blend with almost any décor:

1.)     Tolix first introduced these stools in the 1950’s and they remain a design classic. These metal barstools are a staple of an Industrial Modern look yet fit in well in almost any design style. Fun, classic and retro!


Online Interior Decorator


2.)      A stripe rug is always a good choice. The wide stripes and perfect color palate (navy and grey) allow this rug to work anywhere from a kitchen to a child’s bedroom or even under a dining table.

Online Interior Decorator

3.)      White slipcovered furniture is a foundation of Shabby Chic interiors yet there is no need to limit this look to only one style. White slipcovered furniture is crisp and clean looking and can fit into almost any style from contemporary to traditional to shabby Chic, all based on the shape and lines of the furniture!

Online Interior Decorator

4.)      Way too pretty to be left out in the in the rain! A bench with classic (hint of British Colonial lines) works incredibility well in an entry to welcome your guests in classic style. Adding a gorgeous long lumbar pillow softens the feel and can tie the bench back to your color scheme.

Online Interior Decorator


5.)      At first you might see a glass pendant light and think dated and done but not these fixtures! The cube shape and antique bronze (almost a black) finish options help these pendant work seamlessly in most interiors. A set of three small fixtures hung over a large island creates a lovely composition.

Online Interior Decorator


6.)       Need a way to hide your television when not in use? A Ming style armoire is just the right piece. Timeworn, this type of armoire becomes a quiet focal point in a room.

Online Interior Decorator

7.)       Warm and inviting. Nothing says family and home like a large well-worn round dining table. A trestle table is an element that helps a house look like a home.

Online Interior Decorator

8.)     Swivel chairs are both functional and cool, and in a rounded tub shape are design classics. I love to add swivel chairs to large open space so you can turn toward different sections of a room creating an easy of conversation and great use of space.

Online Interior Decorator

9.)     Botanical prints work in almost any room. Classic black and white botanicals are even better. For a modern look in a bedroom pair with grey walls, white linens and warm dark furniture.

Online Interior Decorator


10.)     If given the choice, I would typically select fresh over faux but there are some really good artificial plant options now available. I adore a long planter of succulents on a table. They give an organic, earthy touch to a home.

Online Interior Decorator


11.)      Natural fiber rugs are always a good look and they typically cost much less than wool counterpart. These rugs morph their look to fit almost any design style based on how they are used. One of my favorite ways to use a natural fiber rug is with a hide or sheepskin placed on top.

Online Interior Decorator


12.)      White matelassé bedding evokes timeless luxury! Working into countless color scheme, white matelassé bedding is a chameleon of sort; add punches of bold accent color or softer color touches to completely change the look. This bedding will never go out of style.

Online Interior Decorator


13.)      A starburst mirror is not just for Mid Century Modern interiors. This iconic style mirror can be used over a fireplace, above an entry table or anywhere you need a bit of unexpected coolness.

Online Interior Decorator

14.)      Glass waterfall tables vertically disappear in a living room allowing your rug underneath to shine. Even with this quiet presence, the glass waterfall table is certainly a table not to overlook.

Online Interior Decorator

15.)      Red and navy wool rugs in a traditional slightly ethnic style will never get tired looking. Seek rugs with an aged, antique look to work as a backdrop in a room.

Online Interior Decorator

16.)      Unrefined yet elegant, glass hurricanes always work well in design. These seeded glass hurricanes can be placed on a dining table of coffee table giving a soft glow and a touch of rustic to a room.

Online Interior Decorator

17.)      A perfect pairing with a solid, floral or even Ikat pillow counterpart. Stripe pillows are like a neutral – they go with just about any other pattern.

Online Interior Decorator

18.)     No online interior decorator list of classic design elements would be complete without an arc floor lamp. Timeless and modern these lamps are one of the best ways to add classic design to a room. Don’t limit yourself to using the arc floor lamp only in a Living Room. Why not bring into a Dining Room to light a table in an unexpected yet awesome way?

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Anthropologie Patchwork Pup Pillows – Online Interior Decorator Find of the Week

Online Interior Decorator

Anthropologie Patchwork Pup Pillows


As a proud mom to a golden retriever puppy named Sky and online interior decorator, these pup pillows caught my attention and tugged at my heart. Adorable is the best word I can use to describe these throw pillows from Anthropologie.


Artist Carola van Dyke’s passion for color and texture is undeniable.


I await the opportunity to design a little boy’s room using these pillows are inspiration. Paired with khaki bedding and smoky blue walls, the Hound pillow would have a forever home in a little guy’s room.


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Last Minute Gift Idea! Interior Design Service Online Gift Certificates!

inteiror desgin service onlineNeed a last minute gift idea? Been struggling to find the perfect gift for the person that has everything only to realize you are almost out of time?

Interior Design Service Online can help. Order a gift certificate for any of our design services and we will email the certificate to you or directly to your gift recipient before Christmas. Even on Christmas Day if you find yourself in a pinch!

Gift certificates can be used for any of our great services such as a Custom Room Design, Mini Room Design or even a Room Review Service. Our services come in every size to fit every budget with options as low as $35.00. Visit Interior Design Service Online to learn more.

Yes, you can finish your holiday shopping today!  You might even think of a holiday gift to yourself – a beautifully designed home!

How do I decorate a brown sofa and dark flooring? – Interior Design Help Online

I’m renting a new home that came with a great big comfy dark brown sofa (fabric not leather) but the flooring is also dark brown wooden flooring… how can I lighten up the room (without being too boring)? -Jay

One area rug to the rescue! Interior design help online to the rescue! This is the ideal time to bring in an area rug with a lighter background color. Adding a rug will help breakup the effect of the dark sofa meeting the dark floor making each selection look intentional rather than inherited when you rented your apartment.

Area rugs come in all different styles so please choose one that best matches your personal taste and the style of your apartment.

Here is an example of a modern style rug (thank you West Elm) that would work great with a dark sofa and dark floors:

Interior Design Help Online

For a more traditional look you might consider something like this rug from Pottery Barn:

Interior Design Help Online

For any other additional interior design questions or help, please contact me at

The Look for Less – Industrial Modern Table Lamps

Industrial Modern influences are everywhere right now. Yes, the look is a bit trendy but I have to admit, this trend is one I very much like and have no problem embracing. But, liking a trend and being able to afford to bring the trend into your home are two different topics. This make today’s interior design ideas high / low finds just what you need.

These table lamps are almost identical. Can you tell the difference in anything beyond the price?

Interior Design Ideas

West Elm lens-table-lamp

West Elm Lens Table Lamp $139.00

Interior Design Ideas

Target Threshold™ Seeded Glass Edison Table Lamp

Target Threshold™ Seeded Glass Edison Table Lamp $49.99


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Reasons You Should Consider Interior Design Help Online

Interior Design Help Online

Almost 10 years ago, I had a hunch that  interior design help online was the next big movement in interior design. After working as an interior designer is San Francisco and Santa Barbara, I was ready for a change. At that time, I started researching online design services and, to my surprise, found that this service really did not exist.

As a professional interior designer it made perfect sense that this was the next direction to go for homeowners. And my next professional adventure! Not to toot my own horn too loudly but it turns out I was right on this one!

Here is why going with an online interior designer or design firm is so good for homeowners:

Cost: Online interior design can be affordable. Pricing runs from a few hundred dollars to a bit more per room but when compared to the hourly rate plus commission that most in house designer’s charges, this is a bargain! For me, I can keep the cost low yet still offer my clients a beautiful custom design and excellent customer service by keeping my overhead low. This is a win-win for both designer and client.

Accessibility: This goes back to cost. While using an interior design once felt like a luxury only for the affluent, online interior design literally brings design to all. Whether you need a little advice or a lot of help, there is something out there for almost everyone and every budget. Interior design help online can be a fit for most projects and budgets.

No Judgment: I cannot tell you the number of times I enter into a client’s house for a design consultation and the client immediately starts apologizing: “I did not have time to do the dishes” or “my two-year-old has toys all over the living room, please overlook”. This fear of designer / homeowner judgment is uncomfortable for us both. Certainly, you cannot believe that my home is spotless 24/7? I have children and pets too! That is exactly why I would never have this expectation of a homeowner. Online design eliminates this concern as you the home owner only show me photos of the room in question.

Convenience: Busy professionals can now use the service of a designer at any time they see fit. No more trying to schedule an after-hours evening or weekend appointment. Access a professional designer at your leisure.

No Pressure: With the right online design service, you will not feel pressured to purchase product from the designer. With Interior Design Service Online we do offer a Trade Discount on some items but that is only if a client in interested. No need to purchase a piece of art or table simply because the designer brought it to your home and tells you it is fabulous. You decide what you love and what works for your home! Please be aware that if the cost of the online design is really low and product sales are encouraged, you can be pretty sure that the goal is the selling of product and not your design.

After being one of the first online interior designers, the arena is now saturated with competitors. The beauty of this industry is that there are lots of options now for you! What keeps my company going strong is the relationships that are made. First time clients become repeat clients. Repeat clients become friends. I am not a turn and burn type online design firm; I actually care that my customer is pleased. I want the design to work for you and I want you to love it. This is why I love online interior design.



Crate and Barrel Intarsia Console Table – Online Interior Design Service Find of the Week

Online Interior Design Service

Crate and Barrel Intarsia Console Table – Online Interior Design Service Find of the Week

Inlay hand cut wood and bone in the shape of triangles on a Parson style console table? Yes, they did! Who? Crate and Barrel of course.


This console table is a work of art all by itself. Have a bland and lifeless Foyer? This table plus ivory ceramic table lamp plus a silver framed mirror above equals an amazing statement to your guests. The Intarsia Console Table really doesn’t need much as it is simply fabulous just by being itself.


For other incredible online interior design service finds, follow our Pinterest board “Because It Makes Make Heart Sing”.

Design Question – How do you feel about partially blocking off a pocket door with a piece of furniture?

Today’s online interior design help question:

As an interior designer, how do you feel about partially blocking off a pocket door with a piece of furniture? My girlfriend and I are buying furniture for our second bedroom are deciding between a regular sofa and a sectional.  The latter option will add some extra seating and a better view of the TV but will partially (50%) block the walkway to the attached washroom.  I really dislike the aesthetics and ergonomics of blocking a walkway but do like the idea of more seating area.  My question to the pros is: would you go ahead with the sectional or stick to a regular sofa?

Sometimes in design, I come across this type of dilemma! A decision between two choices needs to be made and neither is option ideal.

In these instances, I tend to choose function over form. What I mean by this is that if in doubt consider selecting the option that will function for your needs best rather than the option that purely looks the best. Crazy answer for a professional interior designer I know! Bottom line, if you house does not function for you correctly than anything beautiful we do will always be a source of frustration.

Now, I state the above only after all other options are considered. No, I do not like to block doorways or windows with any type of furniture as a general rule. In fact, this is one the biggest mistakes I see people making when placing furniture in a room.

Please consider all middle ground solutions prior to moving forward. Is there space for a pair of small scale chairs along with a full size sofa? Another idea to consider is an upholstered coffee table ottoman. While it may not be the most comfortable seating for TV viewing this ottoman would allow you to have another spot to sit.

If you are interested in sending in your own online interior design help question, please feel free to send an email to

The Look for Less – Leather and Acrylic Bench

Wallis Leather Bench

Horchow Wallace Bench

A bench that is both masculine and feminine, modern and classic and with a high and low price tag is a true find! Whether used in an entry under a mirror or painting or at the foot of a bed, this bench makes a statement and tops the list of good interior design ideas.

The Wallis Leather Bench from Horchow costs $1,399.00. While I love the bench I am not sure I love the price. This sent me off searching for something similar, something within the budget of my current project.

And, look what I found! Coleman Furniture has a nearly identical piece called the Envy Leather / Acrylic Bench. Any envy I do. This incredible find only costs $349.00. Now that is a true score.

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Envy Leather Acrylic Bench

Coleman Furniture Envy Bench


Home Accessory Sources – Online Interior Designers List

Bungalow 5 Mason 6-Drawer

You always hear that accessories are the finishing touches that complete a room design but where the heck do you actually find these items? You could go from store to store searching for just the right piece or you could shop online and avoid all the hassle. How about looking where online interior designers find amazing home accessories?

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of the best websites for home accessories. Browse these websites to find the perfect touches to pull together any room design:

Bungalow 5: Hip and extremely cool lamps, wall décor and accessories – many items have a modern influence yet are classically styled.

Global Views: By far, one of the largest collections of home accessories!

Arteriors: One of the best selections of high end lamps and lighting plus a wide array of smaller home accessories. This is a great source to check out!

Ryan Studio: Sometimes sticking with one thing is the right move, and for Ryan Studios it is pillows. Gorgeous design fabrics and the highest quality details makes their throw pillows an online interior designers favorite.

Studio A: With their eclectic and unique collection of accessories and small furniture, Studio A is one of my favorites.

Eastern Accents: If bedding or pillows are what you need to finish your room, look no further than this source. Gorgeous custom made items to give you home a high end look.

Worlds Away: From chandeliers to lamps to mirrors, this is a great source for adding a touch of glamour and sparkle.

Regina Andrew: Cool and modern. Designers look to Regina Andrew for lamps and decorative objects with a clean and fresh look.

Palecek: Once you visit the Palecek website you will not forget it! Palecek not only has an extensive line of furniture but their accessories are even better in my opinion. Here you will find wall décor, lamps and objects all with an earthy, organic flair.

Wildwood: Lots of lamps with a slight traditional kicked up a notch slant plus some well selected art and home accessories.

If you need help with ordering or pricing from any of these amazing sources, please contact me at for assistance.