Reasons You Should Consider Interior Design Help Online

Interior Design Help Online

Almost 10 years ago, I had a hunch that  interior design help online was the next big movement in interior design. After working as an interior designer is San Francisco and Santa Barbara, I was ready for a change. At that time, I started researching online design services and, to my surprise, found that this service really did not exist.

As a professional interior designer it made perfect sense that this was the next direction to go for homeowners. And my next professional adventure! Not to toot my own horn too loudly but it turns out I was right on this one!

Here is why going with an online interior designer or design firm is so good for homeowners:

Cost: Online interior design can be affordable. Pricing runs from a few hundred dollars to a bit more per room but when compared to the hourly rate plus commission that most in house designer’s charges, this is a bargain! For me, I can keep the cost low yet still offer my clients a beautiful custom design and excellent customer service by keeping my overhead low. This is a win-win for both designer and client.

Accessibility: This goes back to cost. While using an interior design once felt like a luxury only for the affluent, online interior design literally brings design to all. Whether you need a little advice or a lot of help, there is something out there for almost everyone and every budget. Interior design help online can be a fit for most projects and budgets.

No Judgment: I cannot tell you the number of times I enter into a client’s house for a design consultation and the client immediately starts apologizing: “I did not have time to do the dishes” or “my two-year-old has toys all over the living room, please overlook”. This fear of designer / homeowner judgment is uncomfortable for us both. Certainly, you cannot believe that my home is spotless 24/7? I have children and pets too! That is exactly why I would never have this expectation of a homeowner. Online design eliminates this concern as you the home owner only show me photos of the room in question.

Convenience: Busy professionals can now use the service of a designer at any time they see fit. No more trying to schedule an after-hours evening or weekend appointment. Access a professional designer at your leisure.

No Pressure: With the right online design service, you will not feel pressured to purchase product from the designer. With Interior Design Service Online we do offer a Trade Discount on some items but that is only if a client in interested. No need to purchase a piece of art or table simply because the designer brought it to your home and tells you it is fabulous. You decide what you love and what works for your home! Please be aware that if the cost of the online design is really low and product sales are encouraged, you can be pretty sure that the goal is the selling of product and not your design.

After being one of the first online interior designers, the arena is now saturated with competitors. The beauty of this industry is that there are lots of options now for you! What keeps my company going strong is the relationships that are made. First time clients become repeat clients. Repeat clients become friends. I am not a turn and burn type online design firm; I actually care that my customer is pleased. I want the design to work for you and I want you to love it. This is why I love online interior design.