What is included in a custom room design package?

Each Custom Room Design Package includes the following:

  • Floor Plan with Furniture Layout to Scale
  • Color and Material Inspiration Board
  • All Furniture Selections with Specifications Details (Size, color, finish)
  • Lighting Selections
  • Art Recommendations
  • Accessory Selection
  • Paint Color Recommendation
  • Written Design Summary
    • It is helpful for our clients to have the “why” behind our design process so they can successfully carry out the design
  • Professional Interior Design Tips
    • These tips help answer questions that may arise during the process.

We will also include additional information such as wallpaper, window coverings, trim color if the request falls within the scope of our services.  Please feel free to ask – we are happy to help.

My room doesn’t need a full re-do, just a little design help. Do you offer other services?

Take a look at our Mini Custom Room Design. This service includes:

  • Floor Plan with Furniture Layout to Scale
  • Four New Furniture or Furnishing Selections
      • Client to select four items in an existing room to add or replace.
  • Paint Color Recommendation
  • Written Design Summary
    • It is helpful for our clients to have the “why” behind our design process so they can successfully carry out the design
  • Professional Interior Design Tips
    • These tips help answer questions that may arise during the process.

We also offer several A La Carte design services to meet the needs of your individual project.  Those services include the following:

  • Room Review Consultation
  • Furniture Layouts
  • Paint Color Consultation
  • Area Rug Selection
  • Art / Wall Decor Selection
  • Furniture Selection
  • Mantel Styling
  • Table / Bookcase Styling 
  • Throw Pillow Selection
  • Hourly Interior Design / Special Request

Will the questionnaire take a long time to fill out?
This questionnaire should not be time-consuming but it is an important part of the design process.   Most clients need about 30 minutes to one hour to fill out the questionnaire and submit their project information. The information that you submit to Interior Design Service Online allows us to get to know you and your home, giving us the details needed to provide you with the most personal level of service.  This questionnaire, your measurements, and your photographs replace the typical home visit of interior designers.

We will let you know what to measure and how to do it so that your measurements are accurate. This ensures that our furniture layout will work in your room.

What is your guarantee policy?
It is important to us that you feel completely comfortable in selecting Interior Design Service Online to assist you with the design of your home.  Interior Design is a very personal process and our commitment is to your satisfaction.  Since you are the one implementing the design, your final satisfaction is ultimately up to you.  We are confident that the design package that leaves our design studio is a cohesive product and a good design plan.

If you are not satisfied, the first thing we will do is to modify the current design to better meet your expectations based on your concerns.   If you are still not pleased, our final step is to redesign the room for you.  We will need for you to submit a new room questionnaire, and provide more details regarding your tastes and likes, and dislikes so that our final plan is one that you are satisfied with.

If you are not happy with your design package, please contact us by email with a detailed explanation of your concerns within 30 days of receiving your plan.

Do you design Kitchens and Bathrooms?
Absolutely!  Please see our Custom Room Design page to order a design for a kitchen or bathroom.   

What if I need my room design really fast? Is there a rush service?
If you would like your room design completed immediately, we offer a rush service for a guaranteed turnaround time of 5 business days. This is a great opportunity to have your room transformed before a fast-approaching holiday, out of town guests, or any other special reason.

I don’t know what service to order. Can you help?
You might consider starting with our Room Review Service/Evaluation.

If you would like us to give you our professional evaluation of the space prior to ordering any of our services, we offer a Room Review Service on our A La Carte Page.  For $75.00 we will analyze your room and help you figure out how it could look better. You will receive an evaluation with suggestions on what can be improved. 

You may also send us an email and we can help determine the design service that will best suit your specific needs.

My budget is tight; will I have to spend a lot of money when I implement your design plan?
One of the most important questions we ask you is about your budget.  We will make recommendations for your project based on your budget.  As well, most recommended items can be substituted with less expensive options to best fit your budget.

Do you offer your interior design services outside of the US?
Yes, we work all over the world. Of course, the majority of our projects are based in the US but we have worked in Canada, France, Switzerland, Sweden, UAE, Mexico, Bermuda, and Aruba just to name a few.

Do I order the recommend furniture and furnishings directly, or do I have to place my orders through Interior Design Service Online?
You will order all of your furniture and furnishings online yourself – at your pace and as your budget permits.  We don’t “sell” you furniture and furnishing thus the focus is on the best design for your home and budget!  This is a major difference between Interior Design Service Online and our competitors.  

Can I use some of my existing furniture or other furnishings in my room design?
Absolutely! We can integrate your existing items into the new design.  We request that you provide us with a photograph of each item you want to keep and the measurements of that item.

How long does it take to receive my room design?
Once we receive all of your information, our turnaround time is approximately 15 business days.  Often, the design will be completed and sent sooner.  We offer a rush service with a guaranteed 5 business day completion time for an additional charge.

Can I ask follow-up questions relating to my design?
Yes, we are happy to answer questions about your design free of charge.  We strive to be helpful and friendly and are willing to chat with you via email after the completed design if necessary.

Can I talk to a live person before I place my order?
Of course! Please feel free to call us at 503-479-5536. We will call you back if we miss your call and are happy to speak with you about your project prior to placing your order.