How do I decorate a brown sofa and dark flooring? – Interior Design Help Online

I’m renting a new home that came with a great big comfy dark brown sofa (fabric not leather) but the flooring is also dark brown wooden flooring… how can I lighten up the room (without being too boring)? -Jay

One area rug to the rescue! Interior design help online to the rescue! This is the ideal time to bring in an area rug with a lighter background color. Adding a rug will help breakup the effect of the dark sofa meeting the dark floor making each selection look intentional rather than inherited when you rented your apartment.

Area rugs come in all different styles so please choose one that best matches your personal taste and the style of your apartment.

Here is an example of a modern style rug (thank you West Elm) that would work great with a dark sofa and dark floors:

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For a more traditional look you might consider something like this rug from Pottery Barn:

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