Design Question – How do you feel about partially blocking off a pocket door with a piece of furniture?

Today’s online interior design help question:

As an interior designer, how do you feel about partially blocking off a pocket door with a piece of furniture? My girlfriend and I are buying furniture for our second bedroom are deciding between a regular sofa and a sectional.  The latter option will add some extra seating and a better view of the TV but will partially (50%) block the walkway to the attached washroom.  I really dislike the aesthetics and ergonomics of blocking a walkway but do like the idea of more seating area.  My question to the pros is: would you go ahead with the sectional or stick to a regular sofa?

Sometimes in design, I come across this type of dilemma! A decision between two choices needs to be made and neither is option ideal.

In these instances, I tend to choose function over form. What I mean by this is that if in doubt consider selecting the option that will function for your needs best rather than the option that purely looks the best. Crazy answer for a professional interior designer I know! Bottom line, if you house does not function for you correctly than anything beautiful we do will always be a source of frustration.

Now, I state the above only after all other options are considered. No, I do not like to block doorways or windows with any type of furniture as a general rule. In fact, this is one the biggest mistakes I see people making when placing furniture in a room.

Please consider all middle ground solutions prior to moving forward. Is there space for a pair of small scale chairs along with a full size sofa? Another idea to consider is an upholstered coffee table ottoman. While it may not be the most comfortable seating for TV viewing this ottoman would allow you to have another spot to sit.

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