East Coast Beach House “After” Photos

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As a virtual interior designer, receiving “after” photos from a client is always a treat! Here are some recent photos of an east coast beach home I was lucky enough to design. This lovely house was a new construction project designed to be causal, calm and coastal – everything beach without the literal beach references.

More project photos to follow. Please check my blog https://www.interiordesignserviceonline.com/blog/ often for other design inspiration.

Online Interior Decorator – Throw Pillows on My Mind

This week seems to be the week of throw pillows for me as an online interior decorator. It seems I have spent days on end looking for a collection of eclectic pillows to pull together on a larger sectional. My goal was a pillow collection that actually looked collected and almost imperfect. Here is the look I was looking to achieve but tailor for my client using navy blue, rust and orange.


Online Interior Decorator


My pillow inspiration was the Carson Crewel Stripe Pillow Cover. From the colors to the pattern, this pillow was the perfect foundation to our collection.

Online Interior Decorator


And these are what was added to the mix to create a custom look:

Online Interior Decorator


Online Interior Decorator


Online Interior Decorator


Online Interior Decorator



Online Interior Decorator Online Interior Decorator

This sort of look is ideal when creating a comfortable and livable design. Perfect for a relaxed Family Room.

Are you throw pillow fanatic too? Post your favorite to share on my Facebook page.

Design Classics from an Online Interior Decorator

Sometimes a piece of furniture or other home furnishing is so good that it becomes a design classic. These no fail online interior decorator selected, go to elements, give a home a classic touch and work with a wide range of design styles.

Here are 18 timeless designer picks that blend with almost any décor:

1.)     Tolix first introduced these stools in the 1950’s and they remain a design classic. These metal barstools are a staple of an Industrial Modern look yet fit in well in almost any design style. Fun, classic and retro!


Online Interior Decorator


2.)      A stripe rug is always a good choice. The wide stripes and perfect color palate (navy and grey) allow this rug to work anywhere from a kitchen to a child’s bedroom or even under a dining table.

Online Interior Decorator

3.)      White slipcovered furniture is a foundation of Shabby Chic interiors yet there is no need to limit this look to only one style. White slipcovered furniture is crisp and clean looking and can fit into almost any style from contemporary to traditional to shabby Chic, all based on the shape and lines of the furniture!

Online Interior Decorator

4.)      Way too pretty to be left out in the in the rain! A bench with classic (hint of British Colonial lines) works incredibility well in an entry to welcome your guests in classic style. Adding a gorgeous long lumbar pillow softens the feel and can tie the bench back to your color scheme.

Online Interior Decorator


5.)      At first you might see a glass pendant light and think dated and done but not these fixtures! The cube shape and antique bronze (almost a black) finish options help these pendant work seamlessly in most interiors. A set of three small fixtures hung over a large island creates a lovely composition.

Online Interior Decorator


6.)       Need a way to hide your television when not in use? A Ming style armoire is just the right piece. Timeworn, this type of armoire becomes a quiet focal point in a room.

Online Interior Decorator

7.)       Warm and inviting. Nothing says family and home like a large well-worn round dining table. A trestle table is an element that helps a house look like a home.

Online Interior Decorator

8.)     Swivel chairs are both functional and cool, and in a rounded tub shape are design classics. I love to add swivel chairs to large open space so you can turn toward different sections of a room creating an easy of conversation and great use of space.

Online Interior Decorator

9.)     Botanical prints work in almost any room. Classic black and white botanicals are even better. For a modern look in a bedroom pair with grey walls, white linens and warm dark furniture.

Online Interior Decorator


10.)     If given the choice, I would typically select fresh over faux but there are some really good artificial plant options now available. I adore a long planter of succulents on a table. They give an organic, earthy touch to a home.

Online Interior Decorator


11.)      Natural fiber rugs are always a good look and they typically cost much less than wool counterpart. These rugs morph their look to fit almost any design style based on how they are used. One of my favorite ways to use a natural fiber rug is with a hide or sheepskin placed on top.

Online Interior Decorator


12.)      White matelassé bedding evokes timeless luxury! Working into countless color scheme, white matelassé bedding is a chameleon of sort; add punches of bold accent color or softer color touches to completely change the look. This bedding will never go out of style.

Online Interior Decorator


13.)      A starburst mirror is not just for Mid Century Modern interiors. This iconic style mirror can be used over a fireplace, above an entry table or anywhere you need a bit of unexpected coolness.

Online Interior Decorator

14.)      Glass waterfall tables vertically disappear in a living room allowing your rug underneath to shine. Even with this quiet presence, the glass waterfall table is certainly a table not to overlook.

Online Interior Decorator

15.)      Red and navy wool rugs in a traditional slightly ethnic style will never get tired looking. Seek rugs with an aged, antique look to work as a backdrop in a room.

Online Interior Decorator

16.)      Unrefined yet elegant, glass hurricanes always work well in design. These seeded glass hurricanes can be placed on a dining table of coffee table giving a soft glow and a touch of rustic to a room.

Online Interior Decorator

17.)      A perfect pairing with a solid, floral or even Ikat pillow counterpart. Stripe pillows are like a neutral – they go with just about any other pattern.

Online Interior Decorator

18.)     No online interior decorator list of classic design elements would be complete without an arc floor lamp. Timeless and modern these lamps are one of the best ways to add classic design to a room. Don’t limit yourself to using the arc floor lamp only in a Living Room. Why not bring into a Dining Room to light a table in an unexpected yet awesome way?

Online Interior Decorator

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Join us in celebrating our websites new look by giving your home a new look too. For a limited time only, we are offering our most popular service for a steal. A professional evaluation of your current room! Our Room Review Service is now only $35.00 (regular price $75.00). Take advantage of this sale and let us give you professional interior design advice about any room in your home for a huge savings.

We will analyze your room and help you figure out how it could look better. You will receive a detailed evaluation with three suggestions on what can be improved. The best part is that your full $35.00 will be credited toward the purchase of our Custom Room Design should you want even more design help.

We have had our makeover now it is your turn!

Best White Paint Colors

online interior design services

Lately I have had a number of questions about picking out the right white paint. As an online interior decorator, the most asked question is what is your favorite white?  When selecting the perfect white paint and you have hundreds of choices to choose from; making a decision can be overwhelming. Warm whites, cool whites, ultra-whites, creamy whites – it can be hard to see and know the difference when they all look white.

So I have collected my favorite colors from popular paint brands to hopefully help you narrow down your options.

Here are my all-time top five go to white paint colors – in no particular order:

BM Linen White 912

Benjamin Moore / Linen White 912 – Linen White is a warm white with a yellow undertone. I love to use Linen White on walls when you want the clean look of white but still some warmth.


SW Alabaster 7008

Sherwin Williams / Alabaster SW 7008 – Whether you are painting trim, wainscoting, walls, or cabinets Alabaster is a great option. Alabaster is a crisp yet creamy white with no yellow or antique undertones.


BM White Dove OC-17

Benjamin Moore White / Dove OC-17 – White Dove is one of the most universal white paint colors ever. It almost always looks great. It is a white with a touch of cream and a touch of gray without being dingy.

BM Navajo White OC-95

Benjamin Moore / Navajo White PM-29 – Not to be confused with Sherwin Williams Navajo White (the colors are completely different), Navajo White by Benjamin Moore is warm and rich. This reads almost like a beige-yellow. If you have a lot of natural light and you’re going for a Mediterranean vibe, this is your white.



Valspar / Du Jour 7002-6 – If you think you want white-white, but are trying to avoid the purple fluorescent look Du Jour may be your color! It’s bright and fresh, fantastic for bathrooms, wood paneled walls, and trim.

Do you have a favorite white to add to the list? Please share! To see some of my other favorite paint colors, please follow my Pinterest Board Favorite Paint Colors.

Paint Color “Brush Out” – The Interior Designers Key Step in Color Selection


Paint color is a key element in a room!  Whether you go neutral, light or bold – getting the paint color just right is essential to a room design.

A “brush-out” is a term that means a sample of the actual paint color painted on a wall or a sample board in the designated room. I recommend this step on every project whether it be an in house client or an online client.

Here is some information on how to make your paint color selection just like an interior designer:

1.  Always do a small “brush out” of any paint color prior to painting the entire room. This helps make sure that the color that looks so great on your computer screen or even a paint store swatch will actually look as good on your walls. I recommend painting a brush out even if you really like the color or have seen it before. The reason for this is the light and other elements in a room or home can dramatically change the look of paint colors.

2.  Most major paint manufacturers now sell sample size paints. If your color is not available in a sample size you can purchase a quart of each paint color that you are considering using from your local paint store. This may seem like an expensive way to test the color but it is much less costly to pay for a quart of paint than it is to repaint an entire room.

3.  Paint a 3’ by 3’ square on the wall and let it dry completely. If you have a dark color already on the wall or you are sampling a deep paint color, you will need to paint several coats on your brush out to ensure that you have the true color. Once the color dries, look at the paint in different lights of the day to really get a true sense of the color. What may look yellow in the morning may look greener in the afternoon light.

4.  Take a look at online color viewers. Some of my favorite paint manufacturers have easy to use online tools for painting a sample room online. Take a look at Personal Color Viewer Benjamin Moore and ColorSnap Visualizer by Sherwin-Williams to get started.

Doing this type of color study is the best way to trust that you are going to like a paint color prior to painting an entire room.

Decorating the Holiday Home

Guest Blogger: Chris Balme

It is often the culmination of hard work, perseverance and dreams coming true; the holiday home represents an opportunity to relax and expand the family’s leisure time. The holiday seldom comes cheap, whether you are investing at overseas or closer to home, and can represent a significant chunk of savings. So the necessity to then furnish the home in a cost effective manner is often prevalent. Fortunately, style does not have to be compromised when costs are cut, here are a few steps to decorating the family home.

Understand your Surroundings

In terms of both aesthetics and practicality, it is important to fully understand the area in which your holiday home is situated, especially when positioned in a culture significantly different from your first home. A home that is decorated with Black Forest style adornments in a fishing village in Sicily may be considered something of an eyesore and immediately alienate you from neighbors. Finding a balance between representing your personality and your new surroundings is important. This can be achieved by aiming for a 75/25 split in favor of local style furnishings against your own personal tastes. Intersperse large local fixtures with small personal ornaments.

Furthermore, certain textures and materials are unsuitable for different climates. Certain plastics and polymers are ill-suited to warm weather and may morph when subjected to such climates over an extended period of time.

Consider your Activities

When on holiday, most people are less inclined to sit for hours in front of the television that they are at home due to the extra activities that are available to them. As such, a high quality sofa is of less importance than at home, meaning money can be saved here and spent elsewhere in the home. A the other end of the scale, if the holiday home is based in warmer climes then patio furniture may see a lot more action than at home so it may be prudent to invest more money into such fixtures.

Adapt to the Space

In many cases, the holiday home will be smaller than the original home, so storage may become an issue. Smaller box bedrooms may not be able to house its’ own wardrobes so alternatives need to be sought. An ottoman bed can work as an effective storage advice without using up excessive space. Fittings that double up in purpose at twice as effective and desirable in smaller properties.

Large cumbersome wooden wardrobes may look attractive but are often inefficient in terms of space saving, making a high gloss wardrobe more desirable for many holiday home owners. Furthermore, high gloss exteriors are incredibly easy to maintain and clean, which is ideal for fixtures that may be sat unused for hours on end.

The most important thing to remember is to not create a version of your home away from home, you’re on holiday after all!



Taking Care of Your Wooden Flooring – The Dos and Don’ts

Written by: Michael Field, Real Oak Floors

A good solid wooden floor can be the main feature to many people’s homes, whether it is a chic modern look or an old school solid wood feel. The one thing that remains constant is the care and love that is required to ensure that you’re not left ruing an expensive bill because you didn’t take care of them properly.

interior design services

Wood Floor Maintenance

The overall maintenance to your wood floor would be the daily cleaning routine that you offer. Abrasive particles such as gravel and dirt can gather up quickly and can have a real effect on the appearance of your shiny surface. It is important to regularly brush and hoover up your floor to remove any particles that can cause scratches and scuffs otherwise you may find yourself looking at more expensive repair solutions.

To protect your flooring further you can take a look at using pads and mats under any furniture that sits on top of your floor, even by just including a door mat and using runners on the entrances to door you can eliminate a substantial amount from entering the room. Other ideas that can be used, especially when it comes to moving furniture around is to put socks on the ends of the legs to avoid damaging the floor when mobile.

It is advised that when it comes to giving your floor a polish that only highly recommended products are used. It is a common theory that acid like products such as Vinegar can help protect the floor, however this can only cause more issues and actually make the floor look dull. As a recommendation products such as those offered by Woca Maintenance Oil are a great option as they contain ingredients suitable for a range of different floor types.

Squeaky floorboards are also another common occurrence, or annoyance, to those who have wooden floors. When it comes to identifying and repairing the issue there are a number of solutions that can be taken. The problem may not actually be with your Floorboards at all, and more often or not it could be the sub floor beneath. To combat the issue, you can attach the floorboards to the subfloor using screws that breakaway when reaching a certain depth, these can be attached carefully so that they are not visible to the eye and significantly reduce the squeak.

Real Oak Floors are leading suppliers of Solid Wood Flooring and stock a whole range in different sizes, colours and styles. They offer expert advice when it comes to maintaining your floor with a great selection of products to choose from.

Shine a Light on It

Interior lighting is often one of the most overlooked elements in interior design.  I have worked with clients who spend thousands of dollars on a room only to neglect one of the most important elements in a room.  What is the big hoopla with lighting?

online interior design services

  1. The first reason to focus on your interior lighting is that everything, yes, everything looks better.  Your new paint color, the beautiful sofa, the smallest accessory, and even you will look better with a little illumination.  Tell me, who doesn’t want to look their best?  And why wouldn’t you want your home to look its best?  There is simply no good reason to update a room in your home and then not shine light on it.


  1. Lighting to a room is like jewelry to an outfit.  Mariano Fortuny  would have never sent a dress down the runaway without accessorizing the outfit.  You wouldn’t leave the house without at least a of pair of earrings on, right?  Same with lighting!  Chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps such as Fortuny floor lamps are the “bling” in a room.  They give the room sparkle and that added bit of shine (not to mention light) that is oh so necessary!


  1. Mood and atmosphere are the next reason that lighting is your friend.  In a room such as a Dining Room, a well-chosen chandelier can shine down on the table to highlight a special meal.  In a bedroom, cozy lamps add warmth and possibly even a little romance.  Who knew a bedside lamp from Fortuny Lighting could do all that?  The ability to set the mood and tone of a room is why lighting matters.


  1. The final reason, while not as exciting as the others, is probably the most important.  From a functional standpoint, a well-lit room improves the functionality of those in the space.  One of my favorite sayings in the design world is “function over form”.  A well lit Kitchen or office makes daily chores much smoother and easier.


As you see, lighting does matter! Please remember when designing your own spaces, not to forget to this important element of design.