Shine a Light on It

Interior lighting is often one of the most overlooked elements in interior design.  I have worked with clients who spend thousands of dollars on a room only to neglect one of the most important elements in a room.  What is the big hoopla with lighting?

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  1. The first reason to focus on your interior lighting is that everything, yes, everything looks better.  Your new paint color, the beautiful sofa, the smallest accessory, and even you will look better with a little illumination.  Tell me, who doesn’t want to look their best?  And why wouldn’t you want your home to look its best?  There is simply no good reason to update a room in your home and then not shine light on it.


  1. Lighting to a room is like jewelry to an outfit.  Mariano Fortuny  would have never sent a dress down the runaway without accessorizing the outfit.  You wouldn’t leave the house without at least a of pair of earrings on, right?  Same with lighting!  Chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps such as Fortuny floor lamps are the “bling” in a room.  They give the room sparkle and that added bit of shine (not to mention light) that is oh so necessary!


  1. Mood and atmosphere are the next reason that lighting is your friend.  In a room such as a Dining Room, a well-chosen chandelier can shine down on the table to highlight a special meal.  In a bedroom, cozy lamps add warmth and possibly even a little romance.  Who knew a bedside lamp from Fortuny Lighting could do all that?  The ability to set the mood and tone of a room is why lighting matters.


  1. The final reason, while not as exciting as the others, is probably the most important.  From a functional standpoint, a well-lit room improves the functionality of those in the space.  One of my favorite sayings in the design world is “function over form”.  A well lit Kitchen or office makes daily chores much smoother and easier.


As you see, lighting does matter! Please remember when designing your own spaces, not to forget to this important element of design.