Taking Care of Your Wooden Flooring – The Dos and Don’ts

Written by: Michael Field, Real Oak Floors

A good solid wooden floor can be the main feature to many people’s homes, whether it is a chic modern look or an old school solid wood feel. The one thing that remains constant is the care and love that is required to ensure that you’re not left ruing an expensive bill because you didn’t take care of them properly.

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Wood Floor Maintenance

The overall maintenance to your wood floor would be the daily cleaning routine that you offer. Abrasive particles such as gravel and dirt can gather up quickly and can have a real effect on the appearance of your shiny surface. It is important to regularly brush and hoover up your floor to remove any particles that can cause scratches and scuffs otherwise you may find yourself looking at more expensive repair solutions.

To protect your flooring further you can take a look at using pads and mats under any furniture that sits on top of your floor, even by just including a door mat and using runners on the entrances to door you can eliminate a substantial amount from entering the room. Other ideas that can be used, especially when it comes to moving furniture around is to put socks on the ends of the legs to avoid damaging the floor when mobile.

It is advised that when it comes to giving your floor a polish that only highly recommended products are used. It is a common theory that acid like products such as Vinegar can help protect the floor, however this can only cause more issues and actually make the floor look dull. As a recommendation products such as those offered by Woca Maintenance Oil are a great option as they contain ingredients suitable for a range of different floor types.

Squeaky floorboards are also another common occurrence, or annoyance, to those who have wooden floors. When it comes to identifying and repairing the issue there are a number of solutions that can be taken. The problem may not actually be with your Floorboards at all, and more often or not it could be the sub floor beneath. To combat the issue, you can attach the floorboards to the subfloor using screws that breakaway when reaching a certain depth, these can be attached carefully so that they are not visible to the eye and significantly reduce the squeak.

Real Oak Floors are leading suppliers of Solid Wood Flooring and stock a whole range in different sizes, colours and styles. They offer expert advice when it comes to maintaining your floor with a great selection of products to choose from.