Online Interior Decorator Finds of the Week from Top Art

So I’ve been looking for art this week to finish up a room design for a client. The Living Room is in a finished basement design in a rustic lodge style. With this rustic style as my interior design inspiration, I was thinking nature, animals, texture. This led me to search for something horse related as a starting point. Literal, I know, but often when shopping for art as an online interior decorator I start with one idea and often end up somewhere unexpected. Art needs to not only fit the design from a theme and color standpoint but must speak to owner.


Abstract Art by Julie Chapman /

I did find a horse piece I absolutely adore! It speaks to me about the relationship between a mother and child. This piece did not work for my current project but nevertheless it caught my eye. While this was not right for my lodge style basement design, I bookmarked this great piece and will be sure to find a home for this beauty in someone’s home.

Somewhat as I expected, there is no horse art anywhere in the final design.  Here is what I did find, in lieu of horses, which is perfect for the room design:



Gilded Tree II / Gilded Tree II By Megan Meagher

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