My Love Hate Relationship with Wallpaper


Ever fall in love with wallpaper but are hesitant to use it?  Me too!  After years of working as a designer and ripping down layers and layers of wallpaper in client’s homes, I am the first to admit that some days I never want to see wall paper again.

And then, the most beautiful pattern of yummy wallpaper comes my way and I can’t help myself.

Here is the best solution for those of you with a similar love hate relationship to wallpaper.  Use it in a closet for an unexpected touch of pattern and texture.  This little trick will give you your pattern fix without turning your house into a mess of flowers and stripes and plaids – oh my!   


Wallpaper can be used in almost any closet – feel free to go a bit crazy – in a Master Closet; Child’s Room (as shown in the photo) or consider your Guest Bedroom.   What a wonderful little surprise for a guest when they go to hang their clothes in your home!