“Mother Nature is the Best Colorist in the World”

The above title “Mother Nature is the Best Colorist in the World” was a quote said to me by a design teacher in college.  This quote has stuck with me throughout the years and always inspires me to see the world and my world differently.  Whenever I am in need of a fresh color direction, I think of these words.

Think of a beautiful place.  It could be of a tropical beach, the woods in fall, a snowy mountain, anything.  Then take a look at the colors that make up your vision.  If you were to actually pull out a paint color deck (which I actually have done at home inSanta Barbaraon my favorite beach) a palette of gorgeous hues begins to form.

Take a look at some of these images and maybe you will have a bright idea for your next project.  The top one is actually a photo of my favorite local beach.  And please don’t forget to say thank you to Mother Nature for the inspiration, I know I try to do so every day.