Low Cost Kitchen Makeovers

The Kitchen is the room in a home most frequently used by family members, and therefore should be an inviting space.  Kitchens are also the most expensive room to remodel and update.  Do not be discouraged by the high cost of a Kitchen renovation as there are many inexpensive updates that you can do to freshen your Kitchen on a budget.

Paint the Cabinets: If your cabinets look dated and old, yet new cabinets are not in your budget, paint them for new look.  You can use a color to match your trim color in your home, such as white, or venture out with a color such as a red or yellow.

Take Off Cabinet Doors: If your cabinet doors are so bad that even a new paint color will not help, you might want to take them off entirely.  This will create an open and airy look in the Kitchen.  If you consider this idea, keep in mind that you will need to constantly keep your dishes neatly organized in order to have this open look be a good one.

New Cabinet Hardware: Changing the knobs on your cabinets updates the overall look of a Kitchen.  New hardware typically costs a few dollars each at a home improvement store and entire sets of hardware can often be found at flea markets, garage sales, or even posted on eBay.

New Faucet: Plumbing fixtures in a Kitchen are like jewelry on an outfit.  Most women understand that one well chosen piece of jewelry can make an outfit.  The same is true for a faucet; a sparkling clean, new and modernized faucet can instantly improve a Kitchen.  Those of us skilled at home improvement projects will find installing a Kitchen faucet a relatively simple task and can save the cost of hiring a plumber.

Flip Appliances Panels: Did you know that a large number of dishwashers and other appliances installed in a Kitchen have removable panels on their face?  Most of these panels are one color on the face, such as white, and another on the back, such as black.  Check out your appliances to see if any have panels that can be flipped to change the color without spending a dime.

Install Vinyl Floor: If your Kitchen floor is in need of some help, you can install adhesive vinyl tiles yourself.  The project can be completed in a weekend with the cost of the individual tiles as low as a dollar each.  For a little work, and very little cost, you can have a new Kitchen floor.

Paint the Walls: This most basic of all budget decorating fixes can not be overlooked in the Kitchen.  A new wall color will instantly change the look of the Kitchen.  Consider using a paint color inspired by food such as a chili pepper red or eggplant purple.

Remember, there are lots of ways to improve your Kitchen without breaking the bank.  Often, small decorating changes can result in a transformed a room.  Your much used Kitchen can become your much loved Kitchen with some budget friendly improvements.