Interior Design Makeovers in 2 Minutes, 20 Minutes, 2 Hours and 2 Days

With the long Thanksgiving weekend upon us, here are a few ideas to freshen up your home no matter how little or how much time you may have this weekend.  Maybe you can even give the 2 minute makeover ideas a try while your turkey is cooking! 

Happy Thanksgiving.

2 Minutes Makeover Ideas

Take a visual scan of the room in need. Look for things that instinctually bother you and are ongoing visual eyesores. These can be things like a picture that is hung too high or too low, a plant with dead branches, or an accessory that you no longer like. Take two minutes and fix this problem; re-hang the picture, pull the leaves off the plant, or remove that accessory.

Add fresh flowers in a colorful vase.

Quickly rearrange the existing items on a mantel shelf or coffee table.

20 Minutes Makeover Ideas

Empty a bookcase of all its contents. Reposition the items back on the bookshelves in a new and interesting way. Instead of placing books standing up, stack them in neat piles of like size books and place them on the shelves with an accessory or two on top of the books.

Take down all the artwork on the walls and re-hang in new places in the room. It will look like you purchased all new artwork.

Rearrange your furniture in one room for a new look.

Swap the lamps in one room with the lamps in another room. That matching pair of lamps in your Master Bedroom might look great in your Living Room and the unmatched pair from the Living Room might add a touch of visual and unexpected interest to the bedroom.

2 Hours Makeover Ideas

In a bedroom, switch out the duvet cover or quilt, add decorative pillow shams, and hang some coordinating sheer delicate drapery panels.

In a Bathroom, add new towels in a fresh color, a clean new shower curtain, a new area rug, and new framed mirror.

An alternative in the Bathroom is to paint an old wood vanity a crisp white or even use this as an unexpected place to add a touch of color.

Go through your entire house with touch up paint. It is amazing what eliminating scuffs and dings on the walls can do to help brighten a home.

Hang a set of shelves in the Office or in a Child’s Bedroom for book or toy storage.

Hang a new light fixture in your Entry or Dining Room; it is like adding jewelry to an outfit.

2 Days Makeover Ideas

Repaint a room, any room from a Bedroom to the Kitchen, top to bottom in a fresh and up-to-date color.

For your patio, buy new furniture, an outdoor area rug, a few new potted plants, and hang some wooden carvings to transform an average patio to an outside oasis.

Give a bathroom a complete facelift by painting the walls, installing a new framed mirror and light fixture, new towels, new accessories and rugs. The room will appear brand new.