Five Tips for a Happy Home Office

Want a Home Office that makes you actually want to go to work?  Take a look at our five tips for a happy home office.

  1. Pick Your Spot

This can be the biggest challenge of all when it comes to the home office (location, location, location).  A designated room is ideal but what do you do when you don’t have the bedroom to spare?  Start thinking outside the box…perhaps you have a closet that can be cleaned out and used, an empty space at the top of your stairs or even a niche in the kitchen. 

  1. Color

Color will set the mood and tone for your office.  Perhaps you want to create a calm and peaceful feeling while you work (it can’t hurt to try, right?).  This type of environment can be created with earthy tones such as green and soft blues.  Need an office for an instant attitude pick up?  Try sunny yellows to brighten your work day.

  1. View

Consider the placement of your chair and other home office furniture.  Make sure to give yourself something interesting to look at (besides your computer screen) by placing your chair toward a window view, looking into an adjacent room or facing anything but the wall.  If you must face only a wall be sure to bring in some unique art to peek your visual interest.

  1. Accessorize

Don’t’ forget the accessories!  There is nothing like a few well chosen home accessories to complete the look of the room design and make it feel like you.   Even utilitarian items like file boxes and folders can be great looking; no need to stick with vanilla manila folders when there are some really pretty choices available.  While something like decorative folders may cost a little bit more the joy that something simple like a striped folder can bring your daily life can be well worth the few extra pennies.

  1. Function Before Form

Yes, my hope is that your office space will look great but even more importantly it that it should function well.  This means a well chosen and comfortable chair and home office furniture meets your needs.  While this may sound so basic it can be easy to overlook the importance of ergonomic comfort.

Follow the above tips for your home office design.  Perhaps, then, your work days will be as pleasant as the brief commute from your bedroom to your office.