My name is Lisa Michelle Davidson.  I have worked as an Interior Designer for over 15 years with experience on very high end design projects, both on residential and commercial.  By high end projects I mean the type where the client calls you at 5:05 p.m. on a Friday and states “If I don’t have the pillow for my maid’s room Louis XV chair tonight, it will ruin my entire weekend.”  No joke, true story!

In the past years, I have, by choice, elected to work with more clients that are real people with real budgets – people just like me.  I prefer clients with kids and pets and busy lives; people who sometimes leave the breakfast dishes in the sink until dinner time.  We want good looking design that doesn’t necessarily equal throwing dollars at a high price tag or designer label.  Yet we don’t want to lower our design standards to replicate the cheesy and tacky “budget decorating” that is out there either.  This is design for real life, where form must follow function.

This blog is a place where I will give you solid design advice and ideas (backed by my experience and education).  I want to demystify the “whys” of interior design and educated you so that you can become your best designer.  I am not looking to put myself out of a design career, but I believe that knowledge is empowering, and we all deserve to tap into our power.

I have a bachelor’s degree from CSUS and a degree from UCSB in Interior and Environmental Design.  Additionally, I appeared on HGTV’s hit show Designers’ Challenge and have had my design work published in magazines, books and various newspapers.  While still running my full service Interior Design business, I have brought my design skills to the internet with www.interiordesignserviceonline.com. In my off time, I am a busy and happy mom to two beautiful, happy, interesting children.  To contact me, please email designer@interiordesignserviceonline.com.