The Look for Less – Yellow Metal Console Tables

Today’s look for less is one incredible discovery! ABC Home is one of my very favorite sources for unique, high end furniture. The only problem is all their uniqueness comes with an equally high end price home uhuru-yellow-console image

But, today I found a console table from Room and Board almost if not equally as cool as the Uhuru Yellow Console from ABC Home that I have been coveting. The ABC Home console is made of powder-coated steel and costs $1,895.00.

room and board slim console yellow


The Slim Console made by Room and Board is also made of powder-coated steel and is a steal for only $219.00.


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“Reupholster or replace?” Online Interior Design Help

Today’s online interior design help question is “Hi Lisa, I really like my current sofa but it is in sad shape. My wife thinks I should we should get something new but I really love this sofa. How do we decide if we should upholster it or get a new sofa? –Nolan.”

My tips for making the reupholster or replace decision are below.

sofa-326824_1920Reupholster your current sofa if you can answer yes to all of the following:

Your existing sofa fits your space

You and your family find the sofa comfortable

The sofa has the correct style for the look of your room


If you answered yes, then let’s take about the next steps:

  • Select a new fabric (the cost of the new fabric is often a surprise)
  • Find a good upholsterer (ask for a referral from a friend or neighbor)
  • Ask your upholsterer to quote you the amount of yardage needed
  • Carefully rethink the design details of the sofa
    • For example, do you want a skirt?
    • Welting?
    • Add a nail head trim?
  • Arrange for the delivery of the sofa
  • Be without a sofa for 2-4 weeks while it’s getting worked on
  • Bring your newly upholstered sofa home!

When the process is complete you can be confident that you sofa will look new yet will still have that great comfort you have come to love.

new sofa

Buy a new sofa if the following are true:

Your sofa is uncomfortable

The size and scale of the sofa looks wrong in your room

The sofa style no longer works with your style

Or, you simply do not want to undertake the reupholstery steps mentioned above!



How does the cost compare?

Surprising to many, re-upholstering a sofa ends up costing close to what it would cost to purchase something new. Therefore the cost should really not be the determining factor in your decision.  I suggest that you go through the pro and con list outlined above. After you this, I am confident that you and your wife will land on the same page (sitting side by side on your new or old sofa).

The Look for Less – Modern Leather Swivel Chairs

Great interior design ideas come in all budgets! There are so many cool furnishings available online but not all fit in your budget. My recommendation is to start by discovering your “dream” piece and then finding the look for less.



This week I absolutely fell in love with a classic, modern swivel chair from RH Modern while working on a project for a client who lives in a loft apartment in Chicago: Luke Leather Chair in Italian Milano Leather in a color called velum. The swivel base is in polished stainless steel and the lines are classic. This chair would be a show stopper in a modern living room! But, sadly, this beauty was nowhere close to fitting in the budget with a price tag of $3,225.00.


white chair


I was able to find an awesome alternative at Overstock. With a chrome base and similar lines to my RH Modern crush, this chair is a bargain! Granted we have replaced the Italian leather with a faux leather but at a fraction of the cost ($214.19), this chair allows my city apartment dweller to have the right look and still pay the rent.


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