Online Interior Design Services

online interior design servicesSome people may have never heard of online interior design services. When Interior Design Service Online was started, we were one of the only online interior design services! Now with the field expanding, we are still one of the top ranked online interior design services. We provide our services for those all around the world, the only difference being that we send the final product via email to anyone that is not in the United States of America. This is to save time and money by not shipping over seas. Technology has granted us the ability to do some pretty amazing things!

Our online interior design services don’t end at our packages. We have a blog that we consistently post tips and resources on that can help in all walks of home design. View our blog to learn more about Lisa Michelle Davidson, the owner and founder of Interior Design Service Online. With over 15 years of experience, she is the perfect interior designer to trust with the design of your home or office.

After working for several high end, well established designers AND at one of the most prestigious design firms in San Francisco. Her experience has led her to be an amazing interior designer with an amazing eye. Her years of high profile clients gave her her current knowledge of high end designs with a realistic budget. Instead of working for clients that seemed to have endless wallets, she wanted to start implementing these same designs into homes on a budget.

One of our amazing online interior design services is an interior design consultation. Basically, we charge $80 per hour, which is a steal when compared to in-house interior designers, to answer all of your interior design questions. Our answers can include, but are not limited to, sketches of a whole house design, partial house design and shopping suggestions. Our interior design consultation is perfect for those that aren’t sure exactly what they want done, or if they would like to see what we’re able to bring to the table before purchasing one of our packages.

Since we have started this company, we have expanded vastly, adding more services and opportunities for you and your home. People have responded really well to our online interior design services and we hope that you allow us to redesign your home, vacation home, office or just one room in any of these buildings.