Interior Design Packages

Interior Design PackagesAn Interior Design Service Online? How is that even possible? Well, not only is it possible, it is also an incredibly efficient and productive means of designing and decorating your home or office. We supply the plan and suggestions for different pieces in the room, and you order the specifics. In so many words, we supply the instructions for your DIY interior design. While maintaining creative freedoms, you are also given professional opinions, tips and exact suggestions for color, lighting pieces and everything else that pulls a room together perfectly.

Now you may be asking yourself, “What exactly is in one of your interior design packages?” The answer is simple: everything you need. You just tell us a little bit about the room that you want to design and in so many words, what you would like it to embody, and we do the hard part. It is then left up to you to decide the specifics. Purchase your furniture online, you can use our specific suggestions if you so choose, then as the furniture is delivered, place it as noted in our design plan. With your Custom Layout Plan in our interior design packages, you receive a written summary of the design that you are about to look at, with descriptions on why what is going where. You also get furniture specifications, accessories, art and lamp recommendations, paint color suggestions, professional interior design tips and a complete personalized project binder.

With our suggestions for furniture pieces, comes different, unique options. If you order through Interior Design Service Online, using our interior design packages, you have access to pieces that aren’t available to the general public. Be the talk of your friend group with your completely new living area! Impress clients with your professionally designed office! No matter the space, we can turn it into the room(s) of your dreams!

Do it yourself projects have gotten popularized recently. Why not take it to the next step and do a complete DIY interior design. With our interior design packages, you receive the guidelines and do the rest yourself. This service is perfect for those with limited time or enjoy maximum control. For $285 per room, this service is one of the greatest ways to design your home or office. If you are worried about time, since our interior design packages can take up to three weeks to deliver, look into our rush service. For $100 per room, we can have your custom floor plan send to you in a week’s time.

If you are skeptical about our interior design packages, and are worried that we won’t be able to capture exactly what you want, check out our Room Review Service. In just two weeks, we can have your room analyzed, with three specific suggestions on what could be improved. If you agree with our suggestions, or like the direction that we head with them, then invest in our interior design packages. You will not be disappointed!