13 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Summer

As seasons change, so do our homes. During colder months we tend to hunker down with heavy blankets and warm fires, and while this starts as a cozy introduction to winter it can soon start to feel dark and oppressive. So with summer quickly approaching we want to help people shed their home’s winter coat by refreshing their space to make it feel lighter, brighter and more ready than ever to tackle the summer season. As opposed to a total home makeover, we reached out to the experts in art, design and decor from Vancouver to Miami to provide you with a few creative ways to revive your home for the summer. So, read on and be inspired by these expert suggestions.

Swap out your textiles

Summer is a great time to refresh your home by switching around, layering in + swapping out your textiles. Exchange cozy blankets on the back of your sofa for a lightweight throw in a fun print or a bright color. Brighten your bedroom with a cool new lumbar pillow. Swap your rugs around. Like paint, textiles can instantly change a space. But unlike paint, textiles can be circulated around your home endlessly for quick + easy updates you can enjoy all year long. – Swoon Rugs

The best way to refresh your interiors spaces for a seasonal change is to change up the textiles.  When the summer months approach, roll up the carpets and prepare for heavy indoor/outdoor lifestyle traffic.  When it comes to pillows and throws, change out heavier fabrics for lightweight and light-colored linens and cotton fabrics in summery hues.  People often forget that draperies need regular cleaning for maintenance so this is a good time to remove the window treatments and let the sunshine in! – Shorebird Interiors

Make some space

Giving your home the gift of “space” provides an instant lightness to a room and is my favorite tip for refreshing your home for summer.  Start with one room – lighten the look by quickly removing 20% or so of the furnishings/décor in the room; do not overthink this, rather go with your gut. Take away anything from accessories you no longer love, a chair rarely sat in, a heavy winter throw, or art that does not make your heart sing.  Rearrange the remaining furniture and décor, and then bring in some seasonal fresh flowers for color and life to the room with minimal cost. – Interior Design Service Online

Bring life to your outdoor space

Creating an outdoor space for summer might be best envisioned by having defined areas for dining, seating, lounging. I think for a space to look most sophisticated is by starting with basic neutrals and layering in pattern, texture, color to tie in the various areas in a way that everything works together. Accessorize as if it’s an extension of your home (interiors) as well. – Jill Seidner Interior Design

The best tip that I give my clients for refreshing their space for summer is to create a beautiful outdoor dining space. You do not have to spend a lot of money. If you have a patio table and chairs simply clean them well for the new season. Use white or cream tableware with clear glasses. Adding a beautiful tablecloth or placemats will add texture. And don’t forget to add pops of color! I love placing small bouquets of flowers in the center of the table. This creates an atmosphere of elegance and warmth. Your guests will feel special knowing that you spent time creating such an inviting space. – BK Designs

Incorporate bright new colors

Summer is about to peak its head around the corner, and now is the perfect time to do some much-needed sprucing up. I prefer to start with the interior walls, a blank canvas ready to become a statement-making focal point. Whether repainting or adding paint for the first time, add a burst of sunny yellow, citrus orange, or exotic lime. Next, add a unique piece of wall decor, such as a sunburst mirror, a collection of black and white artwork, or a dominant over-sized Buddha head that will stand out from the vibrant paint and create a bold, stylish, and daring contrast. – Kimberly C Lyons Design

Add pops of color!  As simple as it may seem, a bowl of fresh summer peaches can do wonders to make an entire room feel brighter and more summery. – Spode

Add contemporary design elements

Maximize the look of your space by adding contemporary design elements like an acrylic chair. A see-through chair allows light to flow through the space, creates the illusion of less clutter, and when placed near a window can make a compelling contrast with the scenery outside. Acrylic chairs compliment any interior style, from classical to industrial, it’s a truly universal accent piece for your space. – Your Toronto Broker

Nothing transforms a space quite like a vintage or antique rug. The art, beautiful natural dyes, and character earned through time bring not only amazing style but true soul and culture to your home. Pro designers encourage their clients and always stand behind these beautiful handwoven rugs for good reason. Old rugs are the foundation of a home and are some of the best additions to your space. They go with everything, and they’re incredibly rich, colorful, and inviting. – Blue Parakeet Rugs

Bring plants into your space

It’s a scientific fact that plants make people happier. That is one of the many reasons why the use of plants and succulents as décor is one of my favorite ways to refresh a space for the summer. If you want to make more of a statement with plants, living walls are a fun way of incorporating elements of nature while also adding a pop of color to a space. Not only are plants inexpensive, but they instantly transform the atmosphere of any room, and are an effortless way of bringing sunshine indoors. Additionally, I love when homes have outdoor vegetable gardens. Spring and summer are the best time of the year to grow vegetables – who wouldn’t want to have farm-fresh produce from their very own backyard? – Rochelle Maize RE

Let there be light

We feel homeowners can easily freshen their homes both inside and out with some simple lighting solutions. Check out some Flood Lighting to accent some trees or even your home and look into upgrading your lights inside to some LED lights providing a fresh look and energy savings alongside as an extra bonus! – Lite Lume Corporation

Integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces

To really make our indoor rooms feel like they flow outside, we need the same décor in each space. It’s easy to do! Just mimic whatever you choose as your outdoor style, inside. Do you have a black and white striped umbrella? Change the pillow covers on your family room couch to a mix of black and white graphics. Did you choose a bright, bold tropical print for your outdoor chairs, repeat those same colors inside with bright-colored fabric napkins, cushions, and plant pots. Use matching indoor/outdoor area rugs from the same series (like Safavieh Courtyard Collection) under kitchen tables and outside banquette seating. – Janice Tyler

Carlee Cardwell, Interior Design Advisor to Paintru, a company making it simple to commission custom hand-painted artwork, says, “For me it is all about refreshing the outdoor spaces or elements. Painting your front door with a fun fresh color is an easy way to transform the front of your home. Then, I like to layer the door color with coordinating pots, flowers, and door mat”. Adding fresh blooms to a room is a classic way to breathe life into your home into the Spring and Summer months. Consider swapping your entry-way statement piece for a bold floral painting. Floral still-lives continue to be some of the most beloved and revered paintings throughout history. – Paintru

Treat your space with original artwork

Nothing freshens up a space like original artwork. Treat yourself to a large, colorful abstract painting that you can get lost in, or put together a gallery wall with a variety of smaller pieces in different styles and media. Periodically change what you have on display to keep things lively. Building an art collection is a fun and rewarding hobby, and there are plenty of great online options for buying artwork like Saatchi Art and Singulart if you’re not quite ready to hit the galleries. – The Artist Blake Brasher

Some fun ways to refresh your space for summer is by adding original artwork.  Visit your local art gallery or take the time to visit art galleries during your summer travels. Many of our clients find unique paintings while on summer vacation and when they hang their piece in their home they are reminded throughout the year of the wonderful memories they made during their trip.  A beautiful ocean painting is timeless and can fit into any home décor. – R Alexander Fine Art

Since this is a unique time in human history as many are facing unseen challenges why not choose something especially uplifting for the summer feel of your space. Art and photography give us an eye into another place and another time. Choose your favorite location in the world for instance Lake  Como in Italy, or a villa in Provence and buy an art piece or photograph that shows your most beloved place in the world and design your space with it in mind for a summer redesign. From the coffee table perhaps a book on Italian lakes or French lavender whatever it is let your guests be reinvigorated by the scene you create and let them visually travel to your favorite location in the world by entering your home especially during a time when travel has become so problematic. Your space will become its own destination. – DeClare Fine Art

Sprinkle in summer textures

Summer is the perfect opportunity to generate depth and interest in your space by integrating one of our favorite interior design tools – texture! This season we’re loving wicker furniture, grasscloth wallpaper, and airy whitewashed woods to add stunning and organic textural pops to a room. To avoid overwhelming your space, start small and incorporate a textured lampshade and embroidered throw, or play with pom-poms, woven materials, and fur to create more dimension and movement in an outdoor seating area. – Nativa Interiors

Refresh your patio furniture

To prepare for summer is to prepare for summer entertaining! A great way to spruce up your space for the summer is to refresh your patio furniture. Maybe with a new coat of paint, bright cushions or pillows. I also like to add fun colorful trays, acrylic dishes, tumblers, and cocktail glasses while entertaining outdoors! You can also edit your space and decor as things seem to get heavy and cluttered during the wintertime to create a lighter living space. If you want to engage all of your senses you can change up your playlist and bring in some fresh candles and flowers that feel like summer! – Benning Design Construction Team

Invest in seasonal art pieces

Are you looking to update the vibe of the space but don’t want a complete overhaul? Invest in seasonal art pieces/prints. A great way to adjust the room’s mood is to change out your art based on the time of year. You can reframe favorites to update the look or even use your art pieces to inspire a color palette for a room. – LaCott Fine Art

Try out a new paint job

Of course, you’re getting enhanced curb appeal when you paint. The fresh color looks great to you and everyone who passes by. That’s not the only benefit you receive from a paint job, though. An extra layer of paint helps to further protect the home’s siding from the elements. This increases its lifespan so you won’t have to make replacements so soon. – Rent Painters

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Hi-Low Gorgeous Tufted Ottomans – Interior Design Help Online

Another pretty high / low design find to add a bit of comfort and lux to your Living Room – oversized and generously tufted round ottomans

Bevin Tufted Ottoman

The first option (Bevin Tufted Ottoman) which is so lovely come from Horchow for a price of $975.00. Sophisticated, soft and so pretty!

Not in your budget?


Take a look a similar ottoman from Overstock. The Baxton Studio Cardiff Linen Modern Tufted Ottoman has a similar look and feel for only $340.00.

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The Look for Less – Sun Inspired Ray Mirrors

Two awesome mirrors – two dramatically different price tags!

Interior Design Ideas

The first is from Bassett Mirror – the Soleil wall mirror. The gold leaf and modern style gives this mirror its transitional flair. And the cost? $506.00!

Interior Design Ideas

Z Gallerie brings us the Avila Mirror. With shooting arms surrounding a round center mirror, this mirror is inspired by a stunning display of rays of light. Even better is the price tag of $299.00.

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The Look for Less – Brass Ring Table Lamps

Today’s interior design ideas come in the form of a real prize – brass ring table lamps, one at a knock off price.

Brass Ring Definition:

noun, Informal.

  1. wealth, success, or a prestigious position considered as a goal or prize:

Few of those who reach for the brass ring of the Presidency achieve it.

  1. the opportunity to try for such a prize.


First, the “wealth” table lamp from Neiman Marcus is hand crafted of solid brass with a linen shade. A dream lamp with a price tag of $675.00.

Interior Design Ideas

Now the prize – we found a great lamp with a similar look for a lot less money. The Brass Ring Table Lamp from Lamps Plus is finish in brass and costs only $129.95. Now that is using our smarts.

Interior Design Ideas

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The Look for Less – Brass Accent Tables

Interior design ideas for those of us on a budget! Another fabulous high / low design finds for those of us loving the brass trend. Trend, please note, is the keyword. What comes in also goes out. For this reason, these brass tables are the perfect place to search for a low cost find so you can enjoy the “in” and not fear the “out”.

Interior Design Ideas

Our high find is available at Horchow for $399.00. The Evans Side Table makes a gorgeous composition next to an armchair and reading lamp. With its mirror top and brushed brass finish, the Evans table is a jewel.

Now here is the low!

Interior Design Ideas

West Elm has a similar, equally sophisticated accent table – Gilded Brass Side Table.  Nearly identical to the Horchow table our West Elm pick is on sale for only $239.00.

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