Thank you so much for your design help. We received the package yesterday and love your picks for our living room. We look forward to purchasing and decorating our living room space. -Effie


Just wanted to let you know I received my design package yesterday afternoon and I love, love, love it! Did I mention…… I love it? : )  -Tina


I absolutely am in love with the design!!! I can’t wait to get home and start ordering everything!! I feel that you are so very talented at what you do!! Thank you for all your work!! –Julie


I first wanted to say thanks for helping design my office- it’s now done and I really love it.   Clients are always commenting how calming and cozy the space it.   Again, thanks so much.  The process was easy and the pieces you offered as selections for my office were easy to locate and fit perfectly!  -Rick


Lisa, Brilliant! Love it! Thank you. -Hiroshi


I received my package from you early last week.  This gives me a great sense of direction and will allow me to tie my room together.  I love the industrial look of some of the items (as it goes hand in hand with my career!) and I feel like the room will be a lot more welcoming.   Thanks again and I’ll utilize your services again in the near future.  –Jeff


Thank you so much! I received my design package last week and I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you so much.  It really exceeded my expectations.  I love the color pattern you suggested.   Even though all our communication has been via email, I feel like you really understood my space, my challenges, and what I am looking for. -Tanisha


I just LOVE my house. Thanks to you! We keep adding pieces and working on rooms, and it is very gratifying to see it all come together. I tell everyone I know how amazing it was to work with you. –Alexis

Your design package

“Your design package arrived today for my game room re-design. OMG! I LOVE what you have designed and suggested for balance of Furniture, fixtures and paint, and so does my wife.Your services, talents and skills are amazing compared to what I am use to. Thank you for taking the time and interest to leave us with a design that I have been looking for your years for that space.”

My Story

When I first contemplated the idea of online interior design, it was simply to supplement my “in house” design work and allow me more time at home with my son.   At the time, the concept was brand new and nobody else appeared to be offering this type of interior design.

Was I crazy?  Would anyone trust that I was actually a well trained designer?

Here I am, five plus years later, with one of the leading online interior design services!  There are also countless other online design services now available.  I welcome the expanded playing field and believe that there is enough work for all.  I also believe that the field will sift out over time, and some of us will remain at the top of the pack.

I spent many years working as a designer before venturing out of my own and then into the online world.  After design school, I started as an assistant to an established and older designer; we designed Bed and Breakfasts up and down the California Coastline.  After getting my feet wet, I nerved it up and
interviewed for one of the most prestigious design firms in San Francisco.  Wearing my DKNY black suit that I could not afford (but knew I needed to land the job), I walked in and sold my potential and myself.  I got the job!

The days of working at this firm were long and grueling but I learned more than I knew I needed to know.  I learned about antiques and classic design.  I learned trade sources.  I learn etiquette with clients.  I learned smaller lessons and side notes such as “to drape is a noun – never call draperies drapes”.  These little words are forever etched in my mind.

After leaving San Francisco and the birth of my son, I collaborated with an established designer.  We worked together side by side for years, and I will always remember the lessons she taught me as well.  However, after years of designing with another set of eyes and many other opinions, I knew I needed to spread my wings and work on my own.

Long story short, I made my own path and started my own in house interior design business.   I loved my clients and loved my work but once I became I mom (a single mom actually – which comes with several additional challenges) I knew I needed more time at home.  Thus – Interior Design Service Online was

Months and months writing the website text, developing the concept, and working with a web-designer and I eventually had a website.  The day the website went live I was so proud and excited yet had very few expectations that anyone would find me or take my services seriously.  A few weeks later, I sold my first room design package!

Since that first sale, the business has grown and developed in ways I never could
imagine.  I have added numerous new services and discovered that online interior design is not a one size fits all business.  My clients have unique needs
and desires, and my commitment is to tailor my services to meet theirneeds.  I have designed homes around the world from Aruba to UAE to Switzerland
and Australia.

The most surprising thing I have discovered is that I am building a base of long-term clients.  For some silly reason, I envisioned that working online would be a one-time occurrence for a homeowner, and then we would bedone.  Instead, the reality is that I might start with one room (or several rooms) and then months later hear back from the same client to design a baby nursery or even help with a vacation home.

This repeat business lets me know I am doing something right!