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Coworkers are generally happy and driven to provide good customer service. I travel light, so I never pay extra for bags, nor for picking a seat. LOL. Not only did we miss our family celebrations but this trip we didn't take cost us an arm and a leg! I don't think I've ever witnessed the barefoot thing. The workers are full of racist people. Airlines Past & Present: Frontier Airlines Stewardess Flight Attendant Brochure, Uniform And Pilot Information Airlines Past & Present A place to share photos, schedules and videos from airlines of yesterday and today. The fare was $140 one-way, and that included virtually nothing. The workers are full of racist people. Pros. OAK-LAS or SFO-LAS? It doesn't sound like a big deal but we live 3 hours away from this airport! Agreed! Garbage article. (and you would not be traveling for awhile.) I've flown Frontier several times, mostly from DCA to DEN. Vernon Dwayne Crider, the 55-year-old suspect, was accused of cutting a tiny hole into the woman's window to record her, WKMG first reported. That is the beauty of our capitalist system. After we realized that we were going to miss the everything, we asked about getting our luggage and car seat. If you dont consider that last minute, I am perfectly willing to recheck the price tomorrow since you will be paying. And do you had checked luggage for that amount? For that, you must fulfil various requirements and go through assessments to become a professional pilot. I must have walked 5 miles through corridors, riding escalators and elevators winding through the maze at the Minneapolis airport. Pilot | Frontier Airlines Careers / Pilot COME FLY WITH US Join the Frontier family as a pilot of one of the fastest-growing airlines. Flight from stl to orlando was good staff professional and accommodating. The use of these aircraft, Frontiers seating configuration, weight-saving tactics and baggage process have all contributed to Frontiers continued ability to be the most fuel-efficient of all major U.S. carriers when measured by available seat miles (ASMs) per fuel gallon consumed. When I check in at the kiosk, it says that I'm too early!!! My son having surgery, I was trying to get there to be with him. Check your Privilege. I have flown Frontier once. I felt like being cheap, so we didn't pay for any extras. Given the choice of a nonstop on an ULCC or a connection on a legacy airline, Ill take the connection every time, without hesitation. By clicking Sign up, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider So, what was my beef with the Frontier Airlines experience? Knobel said he only flew to Wyoming a fraction of the time Enzi came back and that wiped him out. I was getting very concerned that it was getting out of hand, so I spoke to the flight attendant. Add to wishlist . They want money. Read More Start typing to see products you are looking for. Menu Available Balances Allotment: Payroll: Company Issue: Then, you will start accumulating flight experience with ATP as paid flight instructors. Yes the plane interiors could use some work. The flying is done with reference to the instruments inside the aircraft rather than with visual references outside. My expectations were zero though. Your comment is unnecessarily catty and is borderline offensive to those among your readers who still think that, while flawed, the US is a pretty great place. It is now 3:39. The airline claims this is actually a $425 value hah. AFA is working with other aviation unions, and PRIDE@Work to identify these issues together and make sure that we are protecting all Flight Attendants so that we are able to be seen and heard and are able to dress in the way that makes us feel seen in our place of work. Apparently, we did not read the final print and thought the carry on was included. I will likely not fly Frontier given the review. remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy. Saw one guy bring a large My parents fly Frontier almost exclusively because of the 2nd tier airports they use and never commented to me about the people. ", it's an eagle, he made a joke, it's not this deep. The key is to understand what you are getting into. I'm very appreciative for the ride, and I like to bring the flight attendants some kind of treat, like a box of chocolates or something fun. Up to 35 cadets per month to be accepted, no prior flying experience required. Frontier Airlines Forms Pilot Pathway with ATP Flight School January 25, 2021 DENVER - Jan. 25, 2021 - Frontier Airlines and ATP Flight School have formed a "Frontier Direct Program" targeting ATP graduates and CFIs for employment as Frontier Airlines First Officers. Just a quick tip, ONLY buy Frontier airlines for family members you don't like like the in-laws, AND if you really hate someone, recommend this airline. Flight crew and ground staff become combative dealing with the ULCC business model and customer 3. No thank you, apology or any niceties from her. I agree that it was chaotic when plane loading came , everyone seemed impatient and extra pushy to get on , and getting off the plane was even worse , there are always those people who stand up and walk to the front but it was down right a joke trying to get off . And I will say it paid for itself on one flight out of Miami with all of the gate lice having to part to allow me to preboard into my stretch seat. Not only did the agents not care I had to throw $20 in food in the trash, they were making people pay carry on prices for backpacks. Also, the bathrooms in the Frontier terminals were atrocious at the Philly airport. I regularly travel Ryanair (ok I only really do if theyre the best schedule or non stop option) but Ive found them perfect on most destinations. We appreciate your precise recollection, and hope Frontier management sees this blog. Not even that can save the airline from having a product I can only adequately describe as a nuclear reactor meltdown fire. How to become a Breeze Airways Pilot in 2022? They run promos regularly that those are when you get actually good deals. Did I just get unlucky? Because they're stupid and generally lack higher reasoning skills usually expected in complex organisms. After creating an account, you need to submit an online application with the required documentation. I'll just pay the higher price. This survey is being conducted to identify those who are feeling discriminated against in the workplace in regards to uniform choices, uniform policies and guidelines at their airlines. Will I be charged a fee for bringing a stroller? It was my worst experience ever flying. Monthly stipend of $500 until you reach 750 flight hours, then receive a monthly stipend of $1,000 for the remainder of the 24 months to help offset costs. I did, and it made my only flight on Frontier this year almost pleasant. Dont think you can blame that poor decision on Frontier Airlines. Why is my voucher not applying correctly for the full amount? (2023), United MileagePlus Business Card Benefits 2023: From Free Checked Bags to Lounge Access. When everyone knows the system, and is ok with paying the fees wherever they need to deviate, carriers like this are absolutely fantastic. In my experience, Spirit flies relatively normal passengers between cities that need price competition, and their fliers would fly jet blue and vice versa. If you did not pay up they would not let you on. How to become a Southwest Airlines Pilot in 2022? Shudder. Known internationally as US-ALPA, it is a member of the International Federation of Air Line Pilot Associations. The seats are hard as a rock and hurt my back and rear end. Thanks! I noticed from last year to this year the prices of extras have gone up dramatically. 4. @ David -- For sure, just keep in mind I've lived in Florida nearly my whole life, so the fact that I found the behavior to be shocking should say a lot. "It's a pretty lucrative business. He is currently serving as a Flight Data Feeder for FlightAware (a US-based company for Flight Tracking). No explanation. The morning starts at 730am, the afternoon at 130 you go wait in a line to turn in your . Over 2,000 United Airlines employees could be fired or furloughed for not meeting the conditions of the company's vaccine mandate. It's never fancy and it is bare bones, but overall it works, and I know what I'm getting and not getting. Click Buy it now or Add to cart and proceed to checkout. Just about all the staff were friendly but also seemed to lack basic customer service training. Honestly, there is no way I'd ever fly an ULCC, particularly Frontier that appears to be on purpose at the bottom of the barrel. The next available one way ticket on Delta cost me over $600. Did status match too. and she immediately launched into a tirade, saying "Are we going to have trouble at 30,000 feet? Thats also about keeping carbon emissions low! After completing flight training in ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program, graduates gain flight experience with ATP as paid flight instructors. Comparing FRONTIER to AA or Delta is foolish on the part of the consumer and that game needs to end. Providing this flexibility across carriers or the industry, will send a signal to other industries that we support and advocate for all people. But if you take a short trip and travel light you can't beat the cost. Their fleet of aircraft is almost 100 strong. Your blog readers that would be great and very useful and valuable. Every single time Ive flown somebody in my row asks how the hell did you just recline? It isnt obvious to a first timer who is used to pressing a button on the armrest. Frontier Airlines, Inc. has teamed up with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - the world's largest, most comprehensive aviation and aerospace institution - to identify and cultivate the next generation of highly skilled commercial airline pilots. Kids Fly Free and access to our LOWEST fares for one full year, DISCOUNT DEN. What are the sizes and weight limits for bags? It was a bad flight - but does that mean the airline should "be avoided." I see the first available flight from Lisbon to Pisa is 16JUL, sorry but that's not a last minute. I have flown them several times from TTN. Once ready to transition to Frontier, pilots attend the enhanced ATP CTP course. Customers will soon be able to shop an array of fun Frontier-branded merchandise and purchase apparelwith your favorite Frontier plane tail. Im kind of with Ben here And I thought it was funny with Eagle and customer base as quite a few seem like they were raised in a barn with bird flocks and animals behavior wise on average Truthfully Ive never flown them but just watching the gate areas at airports and their check in counters make me think this isnt the airline for me.Im also convinced they will find a way to Im kind of with Ben here If it is, you've been warned. I have flown on Frontier for many years and have never experienced any of this. and it's an eagle, he made a joke, it's not this deep. The charge just appeared on my credit card. The ride is basically the same, but they like to concentrate on different maneuvers or events. Home Frontier Airlines Pilots Filters Austin Flat Front Regular Fit Sharkskin Black Pants $80.00 Austin Flat Front Regular Fit Tropical Black Pants $77.50 Sorry about the extra text after the first paragraph. Note: This salary rate is based on the latest list of 2022. When we got on the plane, my husband sat down in a seat which had been reclined by the previous passenger. I paid $51 RT. That seems by far more likely given the time of year. Tamps sucks. So you thought the flight was too expensive and wish it were cheaper. With all of the add-ons, it costs more than Delta and it basically feels like taking a city bus through Harlem. Recommend. 1. Those partners may have their own information theyve collected about you. Due to them cancelling my flight for no stated reason, I was given the option of a refund or a two day wait for my return home to the San Francisco Bay area from Minneapolis. I flew frontier lots of times last year mostly out of Philly or Baltimore and its always been ok. TSA probably seized his supermarket cart. Founded in 1931, the Association is chartered by the AFL-CIO and the Canadian Labour Congress. It looked like he had a phone charger in his bag of stuff. Worst of all? I do fly Frontier and other ULCC and I can assure you, I've never seen a hobo on any of them ever. However, all uniform pieces will be shipped in your company colors. Intended for deletion but was hidden. It's hard to foresee how long some delays might be, and it can be tough on both pilots and passengers. Frontier Airlines is now offering a program that includes flight training at one of over 70 ATP Flight School campuses throughout the United States, a modest stipend and, upon completion of requirements, a guaranteed slot as a Frontier Airlines first officer. I think you forgot about this This is travel for people who likely wouldn't otherwise be able to afford travel, and these airlines make a mint while the likes of AA can barely stay in business. Applicants must show proof of COVID-19 Vaccination. Do they suck? Frontier makes no bones that there's no wifi, power ports, charges for everything and has park bench comfort for their seats. Try contacting them via Messages to find out! I didn't use my ticket, can I use it later? Living in DEN for a decade as they went down the ULCC road was depressing to see them go from one of the better carriers to even worse than NK. How to become an Alaska Airlines Pilot in 2022? My flight from Cancun to Atlanta was canceled (2 hr. All in all, its decent. The airline has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Bad enough, then I talked to frontier and found out my cancellation fee was 90 percent of my purchase. This sucks. See more about our ethics policies here. He did not notice this, and started to read on his kindle. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. You're blaming Frontier for its passengers? Learn More Found something you love but want to make it even more uniquely you? On paper its great! We also want to be able to control our destiny going forward.. Flight attendant 1 said sorry we didnt know otherwise Just got off a Frontier flight from February 15, 2023 Vernon Dwayne Crider, a Frontier Airlines pilot, was arrested for hiding a camera in a 19-year-old college student's bedroom window. You should have had relatively lower expectations going into it because it is considered a "low cost" airline, although not cheap. Poor guy who had this seat assignment had to sit in the actual seat. In 1993, Continental Airlines was scaling back flights from Denver's Stapleton International Airport, and the three proposed a charter airline named AeroDenver Travel Services to fill demand . All, Cheyenne airport, July 2022. If I need to fly out of Tampa one day, I have to hop on a flight with any airline to get from wherever I am to Tampa. I thought Allegiant was the best- then the more I flew them the more cancellations I started to experience Like many before me, I discovered they've been cancelling way before cancelling was cool- Any initial cost savings realized was vaporized after schlepping down to DL/AA to buy a o/w walk up fare because they couldn't get me there for 2 or3 days. This type of data sharing may be considered a sale of information under California privacy laws. I want to use the remaining value on a new booking. Are a bunch a flip flop wearing cheapos going to be flying into Tampa? The two rows behind us had a loud party going the entire flight. $12.75, $15.00 Your career progression through the Pilot Pathway Program offered by Frontier Airlines and ATP Flight School can be understood in the following steps. So they will be first officers for several years before moving over to the captains seat.. Chicago Business Journal Mar 1, 2018 Moving from FLL to AVL I was ecstatic to find Allegiant had a lot of non stop flights between cities. How to become a Delta Air Lines Pilot in 2022? What form of payment does Frontier accept? Let's just say my flight was late, the crew wasn't friendly, we sat on the tarmat for 30 minutes after our departure time and sat another 30 minutes at the arrival gate. (American Airlines Credit Cards), Chicago OHare International Airport (ORD). We're coming back from a wedding in Napa later this month and instead of our original United that keeps getting pushed back, I rebooked us on Frontier direct SFO-LAS. The seats suck. I know better than to use the bathroom on this flight. Seat pitch of 28-31 inch. You have to pay fees, etc. While I've never flown Frontier, I've taken Spirit quite a few times (and ridden greyhound quite a few times). The fees you pay for everything is insane considering you get nothing in return. I suppose. But you can't blame the airline for their passengers. My body hurt after the 4 hours! Worst of all? 3. And hes flown on stuff like Concorde back in the day with his brother. Flight Attendants are involved in all passenger interactions in order to . Applicant must obtain Current FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate. For the most part of Frontier Airlines online reviews , a lot of people seem displeased with the airline, with an overall score of just 2.5 stars on trip advisor and 2/10 on AirlineQuality. Imagine that? I applied as a Flight Attendant for Frontier Airlines on Aug. 25, 2016. Then there are the things that I knew going in, which arent great, but didnt bother me. Ive flown plenty of ultra low cost carriers, but this situation was especially bad. I was denied boarding twice and had to buy a new ticket. My parents fly Frontier almost exclusively because of the 2nd tier airports they use and never commented to me about the people. I have been on a United airlines flight international flight where the bathroom was a total disaster I've been to fine hotels in Las Vegas New York City San Francisco etc etc and use their bathrooms and they were disasters you cannot base your review of a company or your thoughts of a company on their bathroom. Or was it JetBlue trying to sabotaging the merger. Even back in the day when JetBlue was considered low cost it was never "cheap." For example, the gate agent was constantly blowing his nose and sneezing into his hand, and then hed continue to handle boarding passes and interact with customers without sanitizing, or anything. Taxes, fees, and charges apply. With all of the add-ons, it costs more than Delta and it basically feels like taking a city bus through Harlem. Emily Howell Warner broke through the gender barrier to become the first American woman to fly routinely for a scheduled U.S. commercial airline. Frontier has nothing. The people, and that the whole experience feels kind of patronizing and unprofessional. He took one for the team -- thanks -- and he's informed us. We will forgive the fact they were late. But, if we put the passenger common decency bell curve of all airlines on a single graph, based Ben's job is to inform us. The reason they do it is because there are a lot of gullible people who think we have the ability to change the climate and environment. We may have crossed paths yesterday. Everyone says Spirit is the worst airline, I laugh and say at least they have big front seats and Wifi. The airline intends to accept 35 candidates per month into the 24-month training program . Flew Frontier for the first time yesterday as well from RDU to BUF as it was also direct and just got best time wise. Opinions expressed here are the authors alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Frontier is the ninth largest airline in the United States. They have changed all of workers to full time salesmen..they changed their title to reflect so..their goal is to extract as much money from the customer as possible. Everyone I spoke to recited protocols and gave NO sympathy, understanding or HELP to our plight! Everything sucks. And their free carry-on space under the seat in front was so small, my SLR didn't fit. Add Frontier to the list! But neither have I gone out of my way to insult another human being who does. I booked this ticket last minute, and even though Frontier is an ultra low cost carrier, that doesnt mean fares are always cheap. Then there are other athletes, such as an Ottawa Senators player I won't name who ordered me to open his bottle of champagne like I was just there to serve him. FYI, Stretch seats DO recline and quite generously. Towards that end, we would like your assistance in getting these questions answered so that we can learn more about our membership, how you would like us to approach our work as a Committee and offer more support in Human Rights and Equity. May 10, 2014 - Pilot in Denver, CO. Must be familiar with technology including computer, iPad and others. It was scheduled to leave at eight. Clever marketing with the talking animals on the plane tails too. There was no reason for her to act like this, on the attack from the get-go, and we decided that an airline that employed and allowed such nasty and unprofessional behavior was not an airline we would fly on in the future. Just got off a Frontier flight from Philadelphia to Phoenix tonight and was so annoyed by experience I had to see if others had similar situations. Please. I knew full well going into it that it was going to be unique and it sure was flying BDL-MIA. It's probably an isolated incident, you were very unlucky. We flew from SEA to DEN on a red-eye. It can make a shorter flight cheap and more tolerable. This tailored course with ATP utilizes full-motion Airbus A320 simulator training to prepare pilots for success at Frontier. I did not get to use the entire amount of my voucher on my previous reservation. Every six months I go through a "check ride" in a simulation program that tests everything from emergency protocol to how I approach landing. 2. Thats why we make a bigger commitment thats the Done Right promise. Knowing the plane model before you fly can help you research the best seats on the plane. Different airlines for different tastes, standards and budgets. So you thought the flight was too expensive and wish it were cheaper. Gotta say your review was way, way off the mark and very unfair to Froniter. I assume he described you and it touched a nerve? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Videos while we waited to board the plane .

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