Transitional Grey and Cream Dining Room by Interior Design Service Online

Online Interior Design Service

Here is a new concept project board for a transitional style Dining Room! Our online interior design service created this lovely board to blend with our client’s gorgeous home decorates primarily in cool neutral.

Warm, sophisticated and slightly rustic, this Dining Room is a beautiful room to enjoy many special moments with family and friends.

More project boards to follow. Please check my blog often for other design inspiration.

Interior Design Service Online – Earthy and Modern Master Bedroom Design

Online Interior Design Service

You might be interested in seeing one of our concept project boards! Our online interior design service works to create rooms that meet both our client’s visual and functional needs for an affordable price.

The above board was designed for a client that wanted a “clean, modern and slightly earthy” Master Bedroom. The room was designed using a restrained color palette of cream, white, black and grey mix with lots of warm wood tones and silver accents.

More project boards to follow. Please check my blog often for other design inspiration.

Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue Online Interior Decorator Color of the Week

Online Interior Decorator

HGTV Magazine

If you are looking for a change and are ready for dramatic, consider painting a room in a gorgeous navy blue color. Whether used in a bedroom or a study or even your front door, a rich, dark navy color will transform your home.

One of my all-time favorite navy blue paint colors is Van Deusen Blue by Benjamin Moore. Complex, sophisticated and classic.

For some of my other favorite paint colors, please follow my Pinterest Board “Favorite Paint Colors”.

How do I decorate a brown sofa and dark flooring? – Interior Design Help Online

I’m renting a new home that came with a great big comfy dark brown sofa (fabric not leather) but the flooring is also dark brown wooden flooring… how can I lighten up the room (without being too boring)? -Jay

One area rug to the rescue! Interior design help online to the rescue! This is the ideal time to bring in an area rug with a lighter background color. Adding a rug will help breakup the effect of the dark sofa meeting the dark floor making each selection look intentional rather than inherited when you rented your apartment.

Area rugs come in all different styles so please choose one that best matches your personal taste and the style of your apartment.

Here is an example of a modern style rug (thank you West Elm) that would work great with a dark sofa and dark floors:

Interior Design Help Online

For a more traditional look you might consider something like this rug from Pottery Barn:

Interior Design Help Online

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Design Question – How do you feel about partially blocking off a pocket door with a piece of furniture?

Today’s online interior design help question:

As an interior designer, how do you feel about partially blocking off a pocket door with a piece of furniture? My girlfriend and I are buying furniture for our second bedroom are deciding between a regular sofa and a sectional.  The latter option will add some extra seating and a better view of the TV but will partially (50%) block the walkway to the attached washroom.  I really dislike the aesthetics and ergonomics of blocking a walkway but do like the idea of more seating area.  My question to the pros is: would you go ahead with the sectional or stick to a regular sofa?

Sometimes in design, I come across this type of dilemma! A decision between two choices needs to be made and neither is option ideal.

In these instances, I tend to choose function over form. What I mean by this is that if in doubt consider selecting the option that will function for your needs best rather than the option that purely looks the best. Crazy answer for a professional interior designer I know! Bottom line, if you house does not function for you correctly than anything beautiful we do will always be a source of frustration.

Now, I state the above only after all other options are considered. No, I do not like to block doorways or windows with any type of furniture as a general rule. In fact, this is one the biggest mistakes I see people making when placing furniture in a room.

Please consider all middle ground solutions prior to moving forward. Is there space for a pair of small scale chairs along with a full size sofa? Another idea to consider is an upholstered coffee table ottoman. While it may not be the most comfortable seating for TV viewing this ottoman would allow you to have another spot to sit.

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Home Accessory Sources – Online Interior Designers List

Bungalow 5 Mason 6-Drawer

You always hear that accessories are the finishing touches that complete a room design but where the heck do you actually find these items? You could go from store to store searching for just the right piece or you could shop online and avoid all the hassle. How about looking where online interior designers find amazing home accessories?

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of the best websites for home accessories. Browse these websites to find the perfect touches to pull together any room design:

Bungalow 5: Hip and extremely cool lamps, wall décor and accessories – many items have a modern influence yet are classically styled.

Global Views: By far, one of the largest collections of home accessories!

Arteriors: One of the best selections of high end lamps and lighting plus a wide array of smaller home accessories. This is a great source to check out!

Ryan Studio: Sometimes sticking with one thing is the right move, and for Ryan Studios it is pillows. Gorgeous design fabrics and the highest quality details makes their throw pillows an online interior designers favorite.

Studio A: With their eclectic and unique collection of accessories and small furniture, Studio A is one of my favorites.

Eastern Accents: If bedding or pillows are what you need to finish your room, look no further than this source. Gorgeous custom made items to give you home a high end look.

Worlds Away: From chandeliers to lamps to mirrors, this is a great source for adding a touch of glamour and sparkle.

Regina Andrew: Cool and modern. Designers look to Regina Andrew for lamps and decorative objects with a clean and fresh look.

Palecek: Once you visit the Palecek website you will not forget it! Palecek not only has an extensive line of furniture but their accessories are even better in my opinion. Here you will find wall décor, lamps and objects all with an earthy, organic flair.

Wildwood: Lots of lamps with a slight traditional kicked up a notch slant plus some well selected art and home accessories.

If you need help with ordering or pricing from any of these amazing sources, please contact me at for assistance.

Design Question: Hi Lisa – What are some ways to make a room feel bigger? Thanks – C.J.

Working in the field of residential interior design, I have a few tricks for making a small space look and feel bigger. Here are my top seven tips:


  • Use a color palette that’s light and neutral, that will enlarge your space visually.
  • Incorporate some furniture in the same color as your walls, that way it basically blends into the walls which helps widen your space.
  • Use multifunctional furniture, such as storage ottomans, which can be used as both a coffee table, extra seating and storage, all at the same time.

CB2 peekaboo-clear-rolling-two-shelf

  • See-through furniture—like glass tables and Lucite chairs—do a great job of tricking the eye into thinking there is more space than there actually is.
  • Resist the temptation to fill up every exposed shelf in a room. Leaving some black spaces will give your small space an airy look.
  • Ignore the old rule that small furniture in a small space is the way to go. Fewer, larger pieces of furniture in a small room will often make it look bigger.
  • Just because a room is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing and dramatic. Big pieces of art can add a ton of a lot of drama to a small space, and make the room seem bigger.

Budget Friendly Holiday Decorating Tips

holiday budget decorating wreath on door

It is now December first and it is time (past time according to some retailers) to start thinking about holiday decorating…that is, of course, if you haven’t already. Over the next few weeks many of us will be spending hundreds of dollars on gifts and decorations. None of us plan to go overboard, but it is so easy to get caught up in the holiday cheer, markdowns and cyber sales.


So how do deck the halls without breaking the bank? Here are some of my favorite low cost holiday decorating tips for a beautiful, budget friendly season!


1.) Focus your decorating efforts on the public areas of your home like the entry, living room and dining room. This is where you and your family will spend the most time and the rooms that your guests will see. You can always add smaller decorations to other rooms around the house but keep the majority of holiday decorating limited to these areas.


2.) Limit your outside decorations at a minimum. No need to spend your money decorating for the entire community when you have an entire home interior as your decorating playground. A few well selected items on the exterior such as a couple (yes I do mean a couple) strands of holiday lights, a pair of poinsettias flanking your entry door, and a wreath are plenty.


3.) Finally, look outside for resources. Mother Nature is the best designer in the world so look outside! Many stores sell items you can find for free outdoors. It is simple (and costs nothing) to fill vases and centerpiece bowls with pine cones, branches and anything else that signifies the holidays. Source your yard for trees that have healthy, intact needles. You can make your own garlands and wreaths by simply binding these needles together.


Consider using some of these ideas as you start (or finish) your seasonal decorating.


Design Question – How do you approach the task of designing a room?

Moving into a new apartment and for the first time in my post-college life, not furnishing it exclusively with things I find off Craigslist. Any tips on how to approach designing a room? Do I pick a theme first (wood, all-light colors, etc.)? Do I buy one object that “anchors” the room and buy other pieces of furniture that complement it? I’m totally clueless in this arena…


How to start the design of a room is a great question! As a professional interior designer offering online interior design service (, starting a room design has become science for me and I’d love to share my insight.


If you plan to bring in an area rug, this is typically where I suggest starting a design. The reason is twofold. First, area rugs can get expensive and can be an agonizing decision. Therefore, start the rug selection first so you have less constraints to work with. I often tell my clients “there are limitless paint color options but limited rug choices.” Make the hardest decision first and then work the room around the rug.

leather butteryfly chair

interior design service online


No rug – no problem. You would then start with the largest piece of furniture in the room. In a Living Room, this most likely will be your sofa. Select a sofa that you love! It needs to be comfortable, visually appealing and must fit the scale of your room. If you have a blank canvas and find a sofa that meets these criteria, then make the purchase.


As you then proceed to fill in the room, work from larger items to the smallest items. This takes some restraint! It is certainly much easier (and often more fun) to buy some amazing throw pillows before you have anything else such as side tables and accent chairs. Resist the temptation. You don’t want to box yourself in by needing to design an entire room around a $30.00 pillow.


When it comes time to accessorize your room, keep in mind two things. One, find pieces you love. Often I find that it is the smallest items in a design that bring my clients the most joy. Secondly, use accessories to finish the design. Small details can finish the look and make a house feel like a home.


Finally, consider enlisting in a little professional interior design help. Many designers, like me, have online interior design service at a very affordable rates. The cost of a little professional help can far outweigh the cost of design mistakes! If I can help you specifically with your new apartment, please email me at

Arranging Furniture with Multiple Focal Points – Interior Design Help Online

Dueling focal points in a room can create a challenge when placing furniture! Each item you mention (the fireplace, the TV and the exterior view) has its own importance and therefore we need to highlight each in its own way.

Interior design help online is here! Below is an example of a room I recently designed for a client:


Interior Design Service Online


She had room with very similar focal point concerns. In this room, the fireplace took up one entire wall.   Because of the size, the fireplace became the number one focal point. I oriented a sectional sofa to face the fireplace. As well, the fireplace was flanked by a pair of comfortable chairs. While the chairs have their backs to the fireplace, they still visually highlight this architectural element.

The TV was the next focal point. While I would prefer to focus more on the lovely outside view, the reality is the most people use their televisions a lot more often than they actually stare out the window. Thus, we needed to be sure the television had good viewing. I placed a corner TV cabinet adjacent to the fireplace for comfortable viewing.

Finally, we addressed the exterior views. Part of our sectional faces the window. For the second window (and the one with the best view) I used a low bench in the window. Not only does the bench draw attention to the view but it gives another spot to sit and enjoy.

Please follow my blog for answers to other design dilemmas.